Host a Pink Envelope Project Wedding Reception

To make your wedding reception more meaningful, we invite you to support the Brides Against Breast Cancer by hosting a Pink Envelope wedding reception. Please read the details and register below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Your donation of $100 or more on behalf your wedding guests, or on behalf of a loved one, will help provide programs to people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Your memorable day will create lasting memories for others in a critical time of their lives.

On the form below, please tell us the amount you wish to donate and number of donation favor cards you will need for your guests. As soon as we receive your donation, we will send you a Pink Envelope Project member packet and the favor cards you requested.

The beautifully designed favor cards explain the donation you have made and highlight the good that you have done. Pass these cards out at your reception or place them at your table settings for your guests to read.

Most brides are donating $3 to $10 per guest (minimum $100). However, the amount of your generous donation is up to you. A donation of $1000 or more will automatically make you a Double Ribbon Donor, an exclusive group of donors who receive special recognition.

The Pink Envelopes

At your wedding reception, we invite you to pass out Pink Donation Envelopes to your guests. As your guests leave, collect the filled envelopes or encourage your guests to mail their filled donations at a later time. You will send the envelopes you have collected directly to the Brides Against Breast Cancer Foundation.

We encourage you to attach a note to your pink envelopes, personally inviting your guests to make a donation on behalf your wedding or on behalf of a shared loved one. Your personal touch will make donating more special for your guests.

Let your guests know that you will be able to track the total amount raised at your wedding and that you will share that total with them if they are interested. Your donation envelopes will have your PEP member number on each one so we can track the total amount raised at your reception. We will notify you as donations are received.

We ask you to allow us to feature your wedding reception on this website. At your reception, please take a few pictures for the PEP website and email them to us. We will post them on our “Pink Projects” page to show others the good that you are doing.