Brides Against Breast Cancer is pleased to introduce the Pink Envelope Project™.

Please join us in this opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary…an opportunity to truly touch lives.

With your Pink Envelope Project Membership, you will receive all Pink Envelope Project member benefits, including:

    • Access to exclusive P.E.P. events and activities
    • A P.E.P. membership number to track your activities and efforts
    • Special member recognition and awards
    • Access to “members only” pages of the PEP Community.
    • Your very own Personal PEP Space on our website to upload photos and let others know what you are doing.

As a member you are encouraged to do the following:

    • Organize a Pink Envelope Activity or fundraiser (see some ideas).
    • Invite others to join the Pink Envelope Project.
    • Provide encouragement and support to your P.E.P. group.
    • Report your P.E.P. activities to us to be featured on this website so others can see the good you are doing.
    • Purchase your Pink Envelopes and supplies.
    • Volunteer at local events when you are able.
    • Be an ambassador for the Pink Envelope Project.

The Pink Envelope Project is free to join. So what are waiting for?